FESPACO 17: Cinema and New Technology

The cinema sector and, more generally, the audiovisual must almost permanently be reorganizing its modes and means of production because of the fast and outstanding progress in information, image and sound technologies. In Africa, because the industry is weakened by an unfavorable economic situation, judicious choices should be made to adapt cinema to the large scale economic world, as the 21st century is presenting great technological challenges. By urging African professionals of cinema and audiovisual, and people who work in this field to explore subjects relating to new technology development, FESPACO is willing to place the third millennium under the sign of performance and efficiency for a less costly modern cinema, more open and accessible to the world. To this end, FESPACO’s 17th edition will host an exhibition on image and new sound technologies. Alongside this exhibition, workshops will give professionals and new technology promoters a basis for exchange and experiments with down-to-earth applications.


Features and Short Film Competition
Professional TV and Video Competition
10th International African Film and Television Market (MICA)
Image and Sound: New Technologies Exhibition


Official Competition
Films from the ACP Countries
Films from the Diaspora
Films from the World.

FESPACO official selections for the film festival are presented in the categories above. These include feature, short, and documentary formats. Only films by African directors are eligible for competition and selection under the ACP category. However, feature films from the diaspora are juried for award for the Paul Robeson Prize. Filmmakers from the Caribbean and the Americas, who claim African heritage, are eligible for consideration.

The Paul Robeson Prize is valued at 500,000 CFA and honors cinematic achievement in a single work which best represents the moral character and prodigious gifts of the man.


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