A Trip to the Country

Director: Jean-Marie Teno
Country: Cameroon
Year: 2000
Running Time: 75 min.
Language: Bamileke and French

A Trip to the Country, Jean-Marie Teno, Cameroon, 2000, 75 min.
With irony and humor, this film questions the validity of development discourse which deems all things European to be modern and all things African to be archaic. Retracing the travels of his youth, the director documents his own voyage from Yaounde, the capital, to his village, Bandjoun. Along the way, he meets ordinary people and listens to their hopes, disappointments, and frustrations. It is a thoughtful meditation on the very definition of modernity of the African descent.

About the Director

Jean-Marie Teno

jean marie tenoBiography: Jean-Marie Teno, Africa’s preeminent documentary filmmaker, has been producing and directing films on the colonial and post-colonial history of Africa for over twenty years. Films by Jean-Marie Teno have been honored at festivals worldwide: Berlin, Toronto, Yamagata, Cinema du Reel, Visions du Reel, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Liepzig, San Francisco, London. Teno has been a guest of the Flaherty Seminar, an artist in residence at the Pacific Film Archive of the University of California, Berkeley, and has lectured at numerous universities. Most recently, he was a visiting artist at Amherst College as a 2007-08 Copeland Fellow.

[Source: http://www.jmteno.us/filmmaker.html]

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