Beyond the Ocean / Àpres l’ocean

Director: Eliane de Latour
Country: Ivory Coast / France
Year: 2008
Running Time: 106 min
Language: French and English

Beyond the Ocean, Eliane De Latour, Ivory Coast/France, 2008, 106 min.
Cab driver, Otho, and drug dealer, Shad, share dreams of returning to their homeland, Ivory Coast, as triumphant benefactors. A police raid separates their fates, leaving one to find success in Europe, while the other suffers the disappointment of deportation and a dream deferred.

About the Director

Eliane de Latour

elianeBiography: Eliane de Latour, research director at the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), anthropologist and film director began making documentary films after completing her thesis, alternating shoots in France and Africa whilst continuing to write. She then turned to fiction, tackling various illegal worlds–prisons, ghetto, clandestine existence–also writing a novel, Malik Ambar. Through cinema, photography, scientific or literary writing hers is an insider’s look at the closed worlds of those who are forced behind a physical or social barrier. Whether dealing with the elderly community of Cévennes, harems in Nigeria, the prison institution, ghettos in the Ivory Coast, underground migrants, young football players, black slaves in India in the 17th century, minors in prison in Morocco or young prostitutes displaced by war in the Ivory coast, her research subjects are centred around social reclusion and its corollary: major or minor achievements of freedom.


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