Area Boys

Director: Omelihu Nwanguma
Country: UK and Nigeria
Year: 2008
Running Time: 25 min
Language: English

Lifelong friends Bode and Obi decide to repent from their corrupt way of life. They cut ties with their megalomaniac boss, but life as “good” citizens proves difficult, and so they plan one last job to fund their transition. The friends are then faced with a life-or-death situation as they search for an escape from their vengeful former boss’s henchmen.

About the Director

Omelihu Nwanguma

NwangumuBiography: Omelihu Nwanguma is a Nigerian feature film and documentary filmmaker from the UK. Nwanguma is passionate about working on dramatic projects about social issues. His key interest is in the development of filmmakers of ethnic origin and pushing the boundaries of the African film industry. Since the mid 2010’s, Nwanguma has been producing content for the talented Matt Huntley through Rebel @ Outsider Ltd. He is mostly known for his short film Area Boys.


Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Area Boys (2010).

Seeker (2005);
Area Boys (2008).