Back to Africa

Director: Tony Abulu
Country:  Nigeria
Year: 1998
Running Time: 105 min.
Language: English

Sade, a beautiful 24 year old African American woman goes to Nigeria on a quest to find her father, Professor Ajayi Esan, who was compelled to leave her and her American mother 22 years earlier in New York. Her journey is fraught with unexpected dangers, but also leads her to discover her ancestral heritage.

About the Director

Tony Abulu

tonyabuluBiography: Tony Abulu is the President and CEO of Black Ivory Communications, a multi-faceted media firm with 30 years’ experience in film production, entertainment, publishing, international marketing and African tourism development. Abulu is also the President of Filmmakers Association of Nigeria, USA (FAN, USA).

As a Nigerian-born writer, director, and producer, Tony Abulu has spent over 25 years in the United States establishing a market for African themed entertainment products. From his early days as publisher and editor of the world-renowned Black Ivory Magazine–a contemporary Pan-African journal focusing on business opportunities in Africa–to helming the world tours of the spectacular Nigerian National Dance Troupe and the Africa Music Festival in New York–a Broadway–style music festival featuring contemporary African bands from South Africa, Nigeria, the Caribbean, Benin and Senegal–-Abulu has presented Africa in America with dignity, insight and class as a cultural ambassador for Africa and the consultant to African and Caribbean governments and cultural institutions in the U.S.


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