Bitter Cane

Director: Jacques Arcelin
Country: Haiti
Year: 1983
Running Time: 75 min.
Language: English


Filmed clandestinely under the Duvalier dictatorship, Bitter Cane is an award-winning documentary classic about the exploitation and foreign domination of the Haitian people. From peasant coffee farms in the rugged tropical mountains to steamy US-owned sweatshops in the teeming capital, the film takes the viewer on a journey through Haitian history to a deeper understanding of the country’s political economy.

About the Director

Jacques Arcelin

Biography: Jacques Arcelin is a Haitian filmmaker. His 1975 feature-length documentary, Canne amère, is noted as an important film in Haitian cinema of denunciation and struggle against the Duvalier dictatorship.

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Bitter Cane [Canne amère] (2004).

Bitter Cane [Canne amère] (1983).