Blue Sky

Director: Patrick Meunier
Country: Zimbabwe
Year: 2000
Running Time: 52 min.
Language: English

In the Fifties, there were ten singers of African Jazz in Bulawayo, a beautiful town in then Southern Rhodesia. They had created two groups, The Cool Four and the Golden Delicious Rhythm Crooners, and they sang all night in the taverns. Life, death, and the fight for the independence of their country separated them for many years. Today, in Zimbabwe, only three survive. Now in their sixties, Abel, Ben and Lucky have revived the music of their beginnings. In the manner of Buena Vista Social Club, Blue Sky recalls the history of these singers by means of archival images, interviews and performances.

About the Director

Patrick Meunier

Biography: Patrick Meunier has been in the film industry since 1976, having acted as first assistant director and production manager on more than 30 major French features and TV movies. He has worked with such distinguished African directors as Idrissa Ouedraogo on Afrique, mon Afrique and Kini & Adams, and Raoul Peck on Lumumba. Blue Sky: The Cool Crooners of Bulawayo (2000) was his first documentary. It was made in collaboration with Jackie Cahi for their Zimbabwe-based company, Pangolin Films.

(Source: AFF, Inc.)

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Blue Sky: The Cool Crooners of Bulawayo (2000).