Contenda Island / Ilhéu de Contenda

Director: Leao Lopes
Country: Cape Verde
Year: 1995
Running Time: 110 min.
Language: Portuguese

Set against the lush beauty of Cape Verde’s landscape, this film explores the evolution of the traditional colonial class structure. In response to a changing society, the aristocracy finds it must cede some of its power to a newly emergent mulatto merchant class. In this process, they are shaping a hybrid national identity that must synthesize the old and the new as well as elements of both African and Portuguese cultures.

About the Director

Leão Lopes

leaolopesBiography: Born in 1948, in Cape Verde, Leão Lopes has created numerous documentaries about the arts of his home. He studied Visual Arts and Design at the Lisbon University of Art (Portugal) and later served as a Professor of Visual Education. He was a member of UNESCO’s INSULA 2000, an organization for the development of the Island States. He was also Cape Verde’s Minister for Culture and Communication. Lopes directed Isle of Contempt (llhéu de Contenda – 1995), the first Cape Verdian fictional feature film.

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