Daughters of the Dust

Director: Julie Dash
Country: USA
Year: 1991
Running Time: 113 min.
Language: English

A hauntingly beautiful tale set at the turn of the century on one of the Sea Islands off the Georgia coast. The film portrays the unique culture of the Gullah people by focusing on the extended Peazant family as its members struggle with the decision to leave the island.

About the Director

Julie Dash

j-dashBiography: The Library of Congress has placed Julie Dash’s Daughters of the Dust in the National Film Registry; her feature film joins a select group of American films preserved as National Treasures. Julie Dash was born and raised in New York City; she has toured nationally and internationally with her work, and she has received numerous awards since embarking on her film career. With the debut of Daughters of the Dust in January 1992, Julie Dash became the first African American woman to have a full-length general theatrical release in the United States. O magazine included Daughters of the Dust among its 50 Greatest “Chick Flicks”, and in 1999, the twenty-fifth Annual Newark Black Film Festival honored Julie and her film Daughters of the Dust as being one of the most important cinematic achievements in Black Cinema in the 20th century.

(Source: http://legacy.tft.ucla.edu/festival/index.cfm?action=honorees)

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