Emotional Crack

Director: Lancelot Imasuen
Country: Nigeria
Year: 2003
Running Time: 105 min.
Language: English


Emotional Crack displays the major societal influences that essentially eradicates homosexuality, even the very mention of it, from the surface of the country’s culture. However, homosexuality is still there.

Chudi and Crystal are married. However, Chudi, by beating and expecting her to remain in the house, follows a very traditional pressure that is often placed upon the male gender in Africa.  When Chudi finds out that Crystal is homosexual he kicks her out of his home, despite being still married; leaving Crystal in a bad way with her family, who also shun her, and her partner who suddenly doesn’t seem very interested.

About the Director

Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen

Also Known As: D’Guvnor

Lancelot-Oduwa-ImasuenBiography: Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, AKA “D’Guvnor”, is a prolific filmmaker born on July 27th, 1971, in Benin City, Nigeria. He graduated with a degree in Theater Arts from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He kickstarted his career with the Nigerian Television Authority before venturing into full-time moviemaking. He directed his first film at the age of twenty-four. He has a special interest in promoting the Edo language through his films, such as Ikuemiting, Olidara, and Ebuwa, which premiered in Benin city with over twenty-five Nollywood stars in attendance. He has won numerous local and international awards.

– AFF, Inc.
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