Fela! Fresh From Africa

Director: Jaheed Ashley
Country: Nigeria and USA
Year: 2006
Running Time: 90 min
Language: English

This film is an African rhythm-mentary of Fela Kuti’s historic visit to New York City after his release from prison in Nigeria. This incredible documentary guides viewers through Fela’s triumphant return to NYC, where he participated in Amnesty International’s concert of hope and an anti-apartheid rally. The local Afro centric community embraced this cultural icon and gave him a surprising view of his world impact, even after his seventeen-year absence from the city.  This was a defining moment for the legendary Nigerian cultural warrior, as he headed into his final decade supported by the love, strength and power of those who remember, and those who refused to forget.

About the Director

Jaheed Ashley

jaheedaBiography: Jaheed Ashley comes out of the political struggles of the last century. He helped establish the first degree granting Black Studies at San Francisco State University in California, as well as directing the Third World Department at Pacifica Radio Station KPKA in Berkeley California. He later moved to NYC, where he opened a cultural center named Sahara South and started his own video documentary business in the mid 80’s.

(Source: AFF, Inc.)

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Fela! Fresh from Africa (2006).

Fela! Fresh from Africa (2006).