Fortunate’s Letter

Director: Na Eng
Country: Zimbabwe and USA
Year: 2000
Running Time: 41 min
Language: English and Shona

13-year old Fortunate Rukainga is coming of age in a home burdened by alcoholism, AIDS, and poverty in the township of Chitungwiza. Vibrant colors, heart-aching songs, and frank dialogue highlight the resilience of her community.

About the Director

Na Eng

na engBiography: Na Eng is an Emmy Award-winning news and documentary producer. For years she worked at the national news magazine show NOW on PBS, and was a staff producer in the long-form unit at CNBC. The premiere of one of her documentaries, a close look at the rapidly changing medical marijuana business, made CNBC history by becoming one of the highest rate prime time programs. In May 2010, she completed a documentary on obesity called One Nation, Overweight. In 2008, she won an Emmy Award for a piece on the impact of regressive taxes on the working poor in Alabama. In addition, she has earned Emmy nominations for an investigation into the oil and gas industry and for a piece on the subprime mortgage mess. Three of her pieces for NOW on PBS have been recognized with National Headliner Awards. She began her career as a researcher for NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw and as an associate producer for a Bill Moyers historical documentary series called Becoming American: The Chinese Experience. In 2000, she shot, produced and directed Fortunate’s Letter, an independent film as a Fulbright Fellow in Zimbabwe.


Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Fortunate’s Letter (2001).

Fortunate’s Letter (2000);
One Nation, Overweight (2010).