Goodbye Mothers

Director: Mohamed Ismail
Country: Morocco
Year: 2007
Running Time: 110 min
Language: Arabic and French

Mohamed Ismail’s Goodbye Mothers dares to depict the peaceful co-existence in 1960s Casablanca of two families, one Muslim and one Jewish. The film touches on the historical period known as the “Black Years of Emigration,” when Moroccan Jews faced a pervading sense of hesitation between two conflicting desires, remaining in Morocco or uprooting themselves to emigrate to Israel.

About the Director

Mohamed Ismaïl

Mohamed IsmailBiography: Born in 1951 in Tétouan, Morocco, Mohamed Ismaïl is a director, scriptwriter and producer. He started Law study in Rabat in 1970. In 1974, he entered the television of Morocco and made a lot of film and theater works. His films include Aouchtan (1996), Et après ? (2002), Ici et là (2005), and Pourquoi pas (2005).


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