Director: Raymond Tiendré
Country: Burkina Faso and France
Year: 1994
Running Time: 22 min
Language: Dioula

A batik painter named Alain encounters two fascinating women, Mariam and Safiatou, during one of his exhibitions. Unable to let them go, he invites them to dinner, and as the evening wears on, Mariam shows him the fantastic world without time in which she lives. The next morning, she has disappeared, and some very troubling revelations lie in store for Alain as he tries to find her.

About the Director

Raymond Tiendré

Raymond_TiendreBiography: Raymond Tiendré, director of Interferences, was born in Burkina Faso in 1957. He studied cinematography in Ouagadougou before completing his Masters degree in cultural films in Paris. Since 1983, he has directed almost twenty films. Ielsolma won the Prix Special du Jury, Musée le L’homme. 12 milliards dans le caniveau and Les tamacheks de l’oudalan won Mention Spéciale du Jury, Vues d’Afrique.

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Interferences (1997).

Interferences (1994);
L’industrie audiovisuelle au Ghana (2001);
Lili et Madou (2004);
Les dessous du cinéma burkinabè (2010).