Jim Comes To Jo’burg

Director: Donald Swanson
Country: South Africa
Year: 1949
Running Time: 50 min
Language: English

Jim decides to leave his tribal area to seek his fortune in Johannesburg. As soon as he arrives, three gangsters mug him. When he regains consciousness, a friendly night watchman takes care of him. With the watchman’s help, Jim gets a job in a nightclub as a waiter.

About the Director

Donald Swanson

Donald Swanson was a writer and director, known for The Magic Garden (1951), African Jim (also known as Jim Comes to Jo’burg) (1949) and Those Naughty Angels (1974).

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Jim Comes to Jo’burg (African Jim) (1994).

Jim Comes to Jo’burg (African Jim) (1949);
The Magic Garden (1951);
Those Naughty Angels (1974).