Keeper of Memory / Gardiens De La Mémoire

Director: Eric Kabera
Countries: Rwanda
Year: 2004
Running Time: 54 min.
Language: Kinyarwanda


As extraordinary journey of a people’s bravery to live and love again, this gripping documentary observes the 10th anniversary of the Genocide in Rwanda, and allows the audience to understand the events of 1994 in a new light.

About the Director

Eric Kabera

erickBiography: Born in 1970, in the former Zaire, now Democratic Republic of the Congo, acclaimed Rwandan filmmaker, Eric Kabera studied psychology, pedagogy and law. After 1994, Eric started a film production company, Link Media Productions, whose credits range from the first feature length film on the Rwandan genocide (100 Days, directed by Nick Hughes) to multiple documentaries and shorts centered on the Great Lakes region and Rwanda. He has attended over 40 international film festivals around the world that have programmed his films. His productions have been acclaimed in prestigious film festivals around the world. Eric Kabera’s talent and vision have been recognized by the Director’s Guild of America Inc., which selected him among 15 African filmmakers to debate on the new perspective of African cinema, an initiative facilitated by Danny Glover with Louvertures Films. Motivated by the lack of human resources in audiovisual in Rwanda, Eric Kabera founded the Rwanda Cinema Centre (RCC) in 2001 with the intention of training and facilitating filmmaking in Rwanda. He is also a founder member of the East African Filmmakers Forum that covers Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda and he sits on the board of Advisors of Mira Nair’s initiative Maisha Film Labs, alongside Spike Lee, Raoul Peck, Sofia Coppola and Peter Chappell.


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