Kuxa Kanema: The Birth of Cinema

Director: Margarida Cardoso
Country: Mozambique / Portugal
Year: 2003
Running Time: 53 min.
Language: Crioulo and Portuguese


Award-winning filmmaker Margarida Cardoso presents us with the collapsing national ideal of “one cinema for the people” and the dreams of people who believed that one day Mozambique would become a different country.

About the Director

Margarida Cardoso

margcardosoBiography: Margarida Cardoso was born in Portugal in 1963. She studied Image and Audiovisual Communication at the Antonio Arroio School, from which she received her diploma. Between 1983 and 1996 she worked as a script editor and assistant director on more than 40 Portuguese and international films. As a director, her filmography includes numerous films as well.

(Source: AFF, Inc.)

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