Lucky Day

Director: Brian Tilley
Country: South Africa
Year: 1998
Running Time: 11 min.
Language: English

An unemployed man accepts a day job from a mysterious farmer. What might have been a regular day of manual labor however turns into a harrowing psychological experience.

About the Director

Brian Tilley

briantilleyBiography: Brian Tilley came to film from theatre in 1981 to work on independent documentaries. In 1985 he was a founding member of the Video Collective VNS/Afravision, which made documentaries about social and political issues. He directed episode 2 of Hold up the Sun. Other notable films include A Test of Strength, Bitter Roots, and Mzwakhe Mbuli: The People’s Poet.

Brian Tilley has won several awards for both his documentary and fiction film work. Fruits of Defiance (1990), a film about the mass defiance campaign and the release of Nelson Mandela, won first prize in the Third World section of the Montreal Television Festival. His documentary work has covered a history of the ANC, the sex industry in Johannesburg and several episodes of Parklife Africa, a Discovery series set in the Kruger Park.

His feature work includes the drama series The Line aka In a Time of Violence (1994) which he wrote and directed. Broadcast all over the world, it won a merit award at the 4th festival of African Cinema in Milan in 1994 and two South African Artes Awards for screenplay and director. His short film Lucky Day (1998), which he wrote and directed, was selected for the Best of the Fest at the 1999 Edinburgh Film Festival and won best short film at the Southern African Film Festival.

– AFF, Inc.

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