Director: Palesa Letlaka-Nkosi
Country: South Africa
Year: 1997
Running Time: 26 min.
Language: English

A magical film about a street urchin who befriends a girl in need, forming an unlikely alliance.

About the Director

Palesa Ka Letlaka

Also Known As: Palesa Letlaka-Nkosi / Palesa Ka Letlaka Nkosi

pklBiography: Palesa Ka Letlaka is a documentary filmmaker, historian, and television commercials director working in South Africa. She trained under Spike Lee while in New York in the mid-eighties. The recipient of an artist’s development grant from the Beneton World School of Arts in Venice, her films include Short Hair, Flat Nose (1994) and Mamlambo (1997).

(Source: AFF, Inc.)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Mamlambo (1998).

Short Hair, Flat Nose (1994);
Mamlambo (1997).