Director: Zézé Gamboa
Country: Angola
Year: 1991
Running Time: 52 min.
Language: Portuguese

Over the past decade Brazilian music has become a worldwide sensation, yet, the rich musical traditions of Angola, the native homeland of many Africans now living in Brazil, remains sadly unknown. The first documentary to examine this dulcet heritage, Mopiopio is a joyous celebration of Angolan music. In his first feature film, Zézé Gamboa contrasts the austerity of daily life in Angola with the rich abundance of its popular music. From the most traditional forms to the latest exponents of afro-jazz, Mopiopio explores the place of musical culture in Angolan life as well as its role in the ongoing political struggles.

About the Director

Zézé Gamboa

zeze_gamboa-273Biography: Zézé Gamboa was born in Luanda, Angola, in 1955. Between 1974 and 1980 he directed television programs, and in 1984 he graduated from Néciphone in Paris with a degree in sound engineering. He has directed numerous films and has been a member of the jury at several international film festivals. His 1991 documentary, Mopiopio, Sopro de Angola (Mopiopio, Breath of Angola), received several awards at the FESPACO and at the Milan African Film Festivals. His 1998 documentary, Dissidence, presents a modern history of Angola through a look at dissidents from two belligerent parties. His first full-length fictional film, O Herói [The Hero], opened the 2005 New York New Directors New Films Festival. Zézé Gamboa considers himself in the camp of African filmmakers who see their work as contributing directly to the task of national reconstruction.

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