My Vote Is My Secret

Directors: Julie Henderson, Thulani Mokoena, Donne Rundle
Country: South Africa / France
Year: 1994
Running Time: 95 min.
Language: Afrikaans and English


In 1991, Nelson Mandela was liberated, apartheid was abolished, and South Africa entered into a brand new phase of its history. After a period of euphoria, different tensions arose, and it was in this climate that people prepared themselves to participate in the landmark elections in which all citizens of South Africa would vote for the first time. Three filmmakers from the Direct Cinema Workshop documented how it was politically and emotionally on that historic day in five very different locations, with a colorful “cast” of unique folk: Julie Henderson, Thulani Mokoena, and Donne Rundle.

About the Director

Julie Henderson, Thulani Mokoena, and Donne Rundle

Biography: Henderson, Mokoena, and Rundle are members of the Direct Cinema Workshop, a group trained by the French association Varan. This facility provides basic film knowledge over a three-month training period and creates work opportunities within a broad cross-section of communities. Direct Cinema Workshop uses in-depth research to reveal through daily life the accessibility of new cultural and political ideas. Henderson, Mokoena, and Rundle assisted each other on projects of their own choice.

(Source: AFF, Inc.)

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