Street Wheels

Director: Sol de Carvalho and Chico Carneiro
Countries: Mozambique
Year: 1997
Running Time: 5 min.
Language: Portuguese

In the streets of Mozambique, buses and cars compete with alternative transportation-the extraordinary inventions made by children from recycled garbage. A dynamic montage and percussive soundtrack set the raucous pace in this tribute to the ingenuity and creativity of children.

About the Director

Chico Carneiro and Sol de Carvalho

Also Known As: Sol Carvalho / João Luis Sol de Carvalho

Chico CarneiroBiography: Chico Carneiro is a Brazillian filmmaker, photographer and producer, who lives in Mozambique. His introduction to film started at a very young age, when his father, Duca Carneiro, would take him to see his films being exhibited in Castlebay. From then Chico taught himself about film, especially after his father gifted him with a camera. From that point on, Chico shot amateur films in super 8mm and 16mm. However, his professional introduction to film began with him being a photographer’s assistant. It wasn’t until his migrated to Sao Paulo, where he became a camera assitant and gained experience in the film world. He worked for several years for the company Kanemo, for which he directed several documentaries. It con-founded in 1993 the house of Mozambican products Promarte.

sol_de_carvalhoBiography: Sol de Carvalho was born in 1953 in Beira, Mozambique, studied at the Conservatório Nacional de Cinema in Lisbon and worked as a journalist, editor and photographer. Already during his studies in Portugal Sol de Carvalho was a political activist against the Salazar regime. On his return to Mozambique he joined the independence efforts of the FRELIMO and was nominated as the director of the Serviço Nacional da Rádio Moçambique. Starting from 1979 he worked together with Mia Couto and Albino Magaia for the magazine Tempo. In 1986 Sol de Carvalho finally took the decision to become a filmmaker. Since then he made many films, for the most part documentaries and TV movies (A Janela, O Búzio, As Teias da Aranha, etc.). O Jardim do Outro Homem was his first feature-length film. Sol de Carvalho was also a founding member of the production company Ébano, together with Pedro Pimenta and Licínio Azevedo, though withdrew from it in order to establish Promarte Production Company in Maputo. His work is socially committed and often deals with taboo subjects like HIV/Aids or domestic violence. Being a strong advocate for participatory processes, he is often times on the road in Mozambique to show his films in villages and to discuss with the people.


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A Herança da Viúva [The Widow’s Inheritance] (2000 – Sol de Carvalho).

Africa Renascida (Date unknown – Sol de Carvalho);
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As Teias da Aranha (2007 – Sol de Carvalho);
L’Afrique vue par… [Africa Seen by…] – Coquillage [O Búzio/Shell] (2009 – Sol de Carvalho);
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Salinas Zacarias (2009 – Chico Carneiro);
Nos Caminhos do Rei Salomão (2010 – Chico Carneiro).