The Chess of Colors

Director: Marco Schiavon
Country: Brazil
Year: 2004
Running Time: 23 min.
Language: Portuguese

A black woman goes to work for an old widow, who is extremely racist, generating a great conflict that is sometimes tense and dramatic and other times funny. The two begin real battles on the chessboard, which, in the film, are pictured in a funny, magical form, as the pair is literally transported onto a giant chessboard, in a symbolical metaphor, which will show the duel that occurs between the black and white people.

About the Director

Marco Schiavon

Biography: Marco Schiavon is a Brazillian director and writer. His directorial work includes O Xadrez das Cores (2004) and O Farol de Santo Agostinho (2005). He also wrote the film Aparecida – O Milagre (2010).

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
The Chess of Colors (2007).

The Chess of Colors (2004);
O Farol de Santo Agostinho (2005).