The Father

Director: Ermias Woldeamlak
Country: Ethiopia
Year: 2000
Running Time: 30 min
Language: Amharic

During the Derg Period in Ethiopia, artist Alazar provides safety for his politically involved friend Jonas. There is a heavy personal price for Alazar and his wife, Rahel, to pay for his action.  Alazar ends up in prison, but is eventually released. This film examines his life and the sudden reasons that lead up to his death.

About the Director

Ermias Woldeamlak

Ermias WoldeamlakBiography: Ermias Woldeamlak is a graduate of Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa University and the National Film and Television Institute in Ghana. Woldeamlak, a New Directions selected director, has always had a passion for film. As a scriptwriter for the Ethiopian Film Corporation and currently a director for the Ethiopian Television Agency, he has successfully utilized his insight into the visual medium to develop his fledgling film career. He has worked as a commentary writer, production manager, and director on a variety of short films and documentaries.

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