The Inheritance Tree / A Árvore dos Antepassados


Director: Licinio Azevedo
Country: Mozambique
Year: 1995
Running Time: 52 min
Language: Portuguese

During 15 years of war in Mozambique, one and a half million Mozambicans sought refuge in neighboring countries. There was no time to say goodbye, or to comply with the formalities in relation to the dead.
In 1984, when war struck the province of Tete, Alexandre Ferrao was chosen by his uncles to take the family to Malawi.
Ten years later, with the end of the war, Alexander decided it was time to return and be reconciled with the tree of ancestors.

About the Director

Licínio Azevedo

azevedoBiography: Licínio Azevedo (born in Porto Alegre, Brazil) is an independent filmmaker and co-founder of the Mozambican film production company, Ebano Multimedia. In 1977, he was invited by filmmaker Rui Guerra to join the National Institute of Cinema (INC) in Mozambique, and soon after embarked on a prolific career as a documentary filmmaker. He has directed and produced many award-winning documentaries, which have been screened at numerous international festivals. Tchuma Tchato (1997) won a Panda Award at the Wildscreen Festival in the UK in 1998 and was chosen as a finalist at the Third International Environmental Film Festival in Pretoria in 1997. Azevedo has produced and directed several feature films. He is also a writer and his collection of stories on the Mozambican War of Independence formed the basis of Mozambique’s first full-length feature film.


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