Kasarmu Ce / This Land is Ours

Director: Saddik Balewa
Countries: Nigeria
Year: 1991
Running Time: 84 min.
Language: Hausa

kasarmu ce

Although Nigeria has had an active cinema for decades, few Nigerian films have been seen abroad. This Land is Ours, a feature debut by the son of Nigeria’s first Prime Minister, is a welcome exception. Set in an Islamic community in northern Nigeria, the film depicts the struggle of a group of poor villagers against a powerful enemy who tries to steal their land after a cache of precious stone are discovered on it. With its mix of Hausa and western storytelling techniques, This Land is Ours details the forces that will lead to an imminent, far-reaching change in the tranquil, agrarian life of the community. Through his subtle and perceptive presentation of the villagers and their collective efforts to keep their land, director Saddik Balewa explores the issues of religious traditions, tribal affiliation and kinship.