Three Fables for the Uses of Whites in Africa / Trois Fables à l’Usage des Blancs en Afrique


Director: Claude Gnakouri and Luis Marquès
Countries: Ivory Coast / France / Spain
Year: 1998
Running Time: 17 min.
Language: French

3 fables

The Whites Have Fun / Les Blancs s’amusent

In a small village, a man at the end of his life decides to unearth his scarce savings in order to offer a lamb as sacrifice.

Good Luck Trophy / Bonne chance Trophy

Somewhere in the Savannah, an old African man sees a marathoner passing by. The old man asks the runner to help him pick up some wood, but the European, obsessed by his running, continues on his path. The old man wishes him luck.

Cheetah’s Children/ Les enfants du guépard

Two rally organizers in a preparatory mission, foresee having their route pass through a village nearby. They hope to be able to do like they did last time: use some convincing words, tricks, and then disappear. But this time the village is prepared for their visit.

About the Director

Claude Gnakouri and Luis Marquès

claudegBiography: Claude Gnakouri was an actor, director and filmmaker Ivorian, who died in 2005, author of Three Fables For Use By Whites in Africa, two series of three short films made ​​with Luis Marques in 1999 and 2002 he was responsible for Ymako Theatri in Abidjan before going into exile following a coup.

luis-marquesBiography: Luis Marquès is a Spanish actor and film maker born in France in 1966. He grew up in South America and has been living in West Africa since the beginning of the 1990s. He studied literature, art and communication at the Sorbonne as well as film, theatre and anthropology at the “Institut d’Etudes Théatrales” in Paris. During his studies he became friends with Claude Gnakouri from Ivory Coast. They both looked for new, politically more relevant theatre forms and moved to Abidjan, where they founded the street theatre company Yamko Téatri in 1992. They were invited to perform in Mali, Burkina Faso, Paris, Berlin, South Korea and New Caledonia. Back in Ivory Coast they supported campaigns against AIDS and malaria as well as for alphabetisation with their plays. In 1998 and 2000 they produced a series of short films: Six Tales of Whites in Africa. Invited by FilmInitiativ, Luis Marquès presented these short films for the first time in Cologne at the film festival Out of Europe VII in 2002. The civil war in Ivory Coast forced Luis Marquès to emigrate with his family to Burkina Faso where he now works as an actor for film, theatre and TV in Ouagadougou. His most recent role is in the new film Soleils (2013) by Dani Kouyaté and Oliver Delahaye. At the moment Luis Marquès is working on the script for his first feature film.


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Trois fables à l’usage des blancs en Afrique [Three Fables for the Uses of Whites in Africa] (1998);
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