Jorge António

Also Known As: Jorge António jorgeantonio

Biography: Jorge António was born on June 8th, 1966 in Lisbon, Portugal. He directed his first feature film at the age of 24, and was the youngest director in Portugal at that time. O Miradouro da Lua (1993) was the first co-production between Portugal and Angola, and was made during the Angolan civil war. At the Luanda International Film Festival 2010, Jorge António refused the best documentary award for O Lendário Tio Liceu e os Ngola Ritmos. He offered the prize money to an Angolan welfare children institution. Since 1995, Jorge has also been the Executive Producer of the Contemporary Dance Company of Angola.


Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
O Miradouro da Lua (2000).

O Gato preto (1986);
O Funeral (1992);
O Miradouro da Lua (1993);
Outras Frases (2003);
A Utopia do Padre Himalaya (2004);
Angola, Histórias da Música Popular (2005);
Kuduro – Fogo no Museke (2007);
Histórias da Vida na Terra (2008 – Jorge António, Rui Braz, Luis Correia, José Filipe Costa);
O Lendário Tio Liceu e os Ngola Ritmos (2010);
Outros Rituais Mais ou Menos (2011);
Dias de Chuva (2013).