Odion P. Agboh

Biography: A writer/director with strong emotion packed visual styles, who creates and treats stories for documentary-like, human interest images! Really versed in cultural content works. With a short film that has traveled to festivals and conferences in Europe and Africa. I am given to revealing the cinematic moments in stories. I have designed a children adventure series. And would create and develop African folk tales that mature into enchanting “intrigues.”

– AFF, Inc.
– Odion P. Agboh)

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Twins of the Rainforest (2004).

Life’s Full of Lessons (1995);
Twins of the Rainforest (1998);
Insider Reports (1999-2001);
Voices (2001-2002);
Great Performances (2002);
Young & Healthy (2010).