“Moi et Mon Blanc” Review

This is a fast-paced comedy of errors cocaine caper; a humorous fast-paced, quick-witted tale of the collision and embrace of two cultures and the absurdity of caste, class and cash.  With aspiration and determination as the impulsive incentive, two parking lot attendants in France bumble across mega euro dollars and a large cache of cocaine. The multi-racial pair, ex-patriot Mamadi, a newly anointed doctorial student from Burkina Faso and a young Parisian with wanderlust, are forced to flee the City of Lights, with the dope dealers in hell-hound pursuit. In madcap cultural transference, director S. Pierre Yameogo makes a satirical comment on the entrenchment of cash, class and universal. Throughout, the bonds of goodwill prevail in a thriller where the brother from the Motherland, meets a cohort and true dejavu soul brother in a nomad from the West.

About the Director

Mejeke K. Maurice Jones

Mejeke K. Maurice Jones, or K. Maurice Jones, is a published author. He has published three books, Say it Loud/Story of Rap Music (1994), Say it Loud, Trd (1994), and Spike Lee and the African American Filmmakers: A Choice of Colors (1996).