Price of Love

Director: Hermon Hailay
Countries: Ethiopia
Year: 2015
Running Time: 99min.
Language: Amharic with English subtitles

Price of Love - Still 01

Teddy, the son of a prostitute who grew up on the streets after his mother’s death, desperately tries to avoid the temptation of his old ways of chewing khat and drinking. His only support system is his priest, who bought him a taxi license on the condition that he live a decent life away from his past. But after Teddy intervenes in a fight between a prostitute, Fere, and her ex-boyfriend, who sells women to “work” in the Middle East, his taxi is stolen by the latter as leverage. As a result, Teddy finds himself caught up in a relationship with Fere, and during the search for the car, they discover the price of love.


About the Director

Hermon Hailay

Biography: Hermon Hailay, is one of Ethiopia’s leading female film writer/directors, with several critically and commercially successful films to her name: Baleguru (2012), Yaltasbrew (2013). In 2014 she was one of the five young Ethiopian filmmakers chosen to attend the Cannes Film Festival “From Addis To Cannes Workshop”. The filmmakers were chosen from a significant group of applicants from Ethiopia’s promising film community.

Films Shown in AFF, Inc. Programs:
Price of Love (2016).

Baleguru (2012);
Yaltasbrew (2013);
Price of Love (2015).